“Blame the Kid” T-Shirt


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“Blame the Kid” T-Shirt

Hey there, Moms and Dads!

Being an adult is tough already, but now you have kids…who do things. So you can’t do the fun thing because it’s spring/summer/winter/fall and your kid has soccer/baseball/lacrosse/football/basketball/piano/dance/etc practice, game, or recital? You need this excuse shirt. You don’t even have to say things like, “I’m washing my hair” or “I have to walk my unicorn” anymore. Just grab your excuse tee and blame it on the kids!

This super soft t-shirt is a 65/35 poly cotton blend, which means that it will keep it’s shape and you will always be comfortable when you’re wearing it. What more could you want? 

Available in unisex sizes S-3XL. Currently offered in gray, but other colors may be added in the near future.

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